"In shamanism, the maintenance of one’s personal power is fundamental to well-being."
--Michael Harner

"It's the small, subtle things we do that makes the world survive the crush of the sarcastic, soul-killing of the machine-addicted world."
--Martin Prechtel

Shamanism – An Old Art for a New Age

     Shamanism is an ancient healing and spiritual practice that has existed for thousands of years. Archaeological evidence indicates that shamanism is at least 25,000 years old. Cave painting and sculptures depict individuals transforming themselves into animals or healing people through rites and ceremonies.
     Various cultures throughout history have relied upon shamans to journey to locate game and other resources, communicate with the ancestors, help the newly dead pass over to the next world, extract negative energies and spirits and return missing soul parts. In modern times, a shaman also performs house clearings to clear dwellings and land of negative energies or disincarnate spirits (ghosts). Many practitioners also combine shamanism and psychology to help people deal with issues such as chemical dependency, chronic involvement in abusive relationships, soul loss, depression and many other problems.
     My approach to healing is designed to help clients create their own positive and life changing experiences that lead to a greater sense of physical and emotional well being. Together we explore ways to improve mental clarity, release dysfunctional patterns, and build a sense of personal wholeness. I also believe that an essential component to lasting healing can be found through strengthening connections to family and friends, and by creating a larger spiritual community. For this reason I welcome the opportunity to work with couples, families, business and community groups who want to heal troubled relationships or build a better sense of connection and teamwork.
     The Shamanic counseling services I offer include soul retrieval, extraction, Shamanic house and land clearing, and healing work with the dead and the dying. I am also a Reiki Master and offer hands-on energetic work and training in this field as well. Please click on the Workshop section for more information about classes or training opportunities in Shamanism and Reiki. To schedule a personal appointment or talk with me on the phone, please contact me. (Click here for contact info.)

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