"All the buddhas, bodhisattvas, and enlightened beings are present at all moments to help us, and it is through our intentional presence that all of their blessings are focused directly at us."
--Sogyal Rinpoche



"True power is having all of yourself together in present time"
-- Michelle Christensen



"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift"
-- Albert Einstein


Soul Retrieval

     Soul Retrieval is the process of restoring personal power lost through traumatic episode. It is a Shamanic understanding that during trauma, part of our essential life-energy does split off and can become lost in "non-ordinary reality." A “Soul Part” does this to help an individual survive, to cope with a situation that would otherwise be unbearable.
      Problems occur when a “Soul Part” does not know how to return, or does not know it is yet safe to return, so it waits or is lost outside of time. To remedy this condition, a Shamanic practitioner, performs a Soul Retrieval. A Soul Retrieval is a ceremony performed for the client Where the Shamanic practitioner enters non-ordinary reality in pursuit of the client’s lost soul parts. After finding the soul parts, they are returned to restore the health and well being of the person suffering soul loss.
      Soul loss is usually a healthy natural coping response to trauma (e.g., car accident, abusive situation, sudden death of a loved one). When traumatized, it is too painful and dangerous to be fully present. It is with wisdom, that a part of our soul leaves to wait in non-ordinary reality, until the trauma subsides. The state of “Soul Loss” is referred to medically as “shock”, or psychologically as “Dissociative Disorder”.
      Sometimes soul loss occurs because a quantity of personal power was surrendered or taken by another. Often power is given away, with the idea that it would help another. Others may want or need our power because they do not know how to develop these strengths for themselves. The truth is that no one can use the power of another person. People who are holding soul parts of others often feel burdened, frustrated, angry, and unable to disengage.

Soul Loss Symptoms

     When a person has soul loss, they feel something is missing, they have emptiness inside, and may try to fill it through addictions, compulsive behavior, taking energy from others, or they may simply become depressed. They may look and act competent on the outside, but feel inadequate or anxious. They may have done substantial personal work at the emotional and psychological level, but remain feeling stuck. See testimonials page for personal accounts of symptoms.

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