Hi Michelle,
      I just wanted to check in with you and say that our work together is producing incredible results. It is certainly an honor to have the opportunity to work with you.
      Since our session, I have felt stronger, clearer and more focused and alive than I have in years. My power has definitely returned and it is somewhat scary. A couple of times last week I had (energy) rushes that were amazing. One happened in traffic while driving and I actually had to pull over. The other was while I was walking and I started skipping and singing.
      The low key, dull depression that I have had for years is GONE. I am feeling somehow outside myself and more able to observe my thought processes better and more objectively.
Thank you for your Wisdom, Strength and Beauty,
Danny Czarnecki

Hi Michelle,
      Yesterday evening the most incredible thing happened... I feel like I want to share it with you... I had not realized what a burden and a wall (on a subliminal level) the connections were which we cleared yesterday from my husband and I....
      When he came home late it was like the person that I always knew was there and the relationship and closeness that I kept waiting for was there also... he was also so affectionate and sweet to me... what I felt was a deep and warm and loving connection going back and forth between us... that I had not experienced.
      The point of all this is that everything has changed! In the blink of an eye! Thank you for being there to go with me and guide me on the Journey.
Peace & Light,

Michelle Christensen...
      has a great spiritual power that is expressed through her gift as a Shamanic teacher. She is able to offer help for long term, deep blocks that unlocks and clarifies confusion. Her insightful guidance is coupled with successful techniques from the Shamanic tradition. She is generous with explaining and sharing the theory behind the techniques and thus empowers and celebrates as she enlightens. The key to understanding Michelle's great power is to know the techniques she uses are given with intelligence and deep compassion for our spiritual and human condition.

Thank you.
Irena Grant

An Illustration from My Own Practice.

      Sally* came to me with a variety of chronic immune dysfunctions, food allergies, and chronic depression. She suffered from low self-esteem and a series of chronic misfortunes in her life had resulted in many physical and psychological problems. Sally was so sick that she was unable to work and her primary love relationship was in a crisis. Sally had been to a variety of physicians, naturopathic doctors and had tried regular psychotherapy to solve her problems, but to no avail.
      After her soul retrieval, however, Sally was able to see the areas of her life where she had lost her personal power. Sally began to reclaim the power that had been restored to her, and her life began to change for the better. As each soul part was reintegrated, she got healthier, she felt stronger and her primary relationship improved. She now felt able to stand up for herself regardless of family pressures. She resolved long standing food allergies and all of the symptoms of her suffering lessened. One year after her soul retrieval, Sally has recovered from most of her physical and psychological problems She is also happily planning her wedding this summer.
      Shamanic counseling puts clients in touch with their own personal support team. Each person has many spiritual helpers and teachers who are waiting to be called upon once the client knows how to contact them. They provide the client with emotional and spiritual support, advice, and incentives to work through their issues. These allies and guides are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are very happy to make house calls! Their constant presence and encouragement allows the client to progress quickly and to take responsibility for their own healing.

Miriam’s House Clearing

     For example, a client named Miriam* owned an office building with several health care professionals. The client base included many people who were psychologically stressed and physically ill. There was also an employee who had left her position, angry and disgruntled. These elements cumulated in a negative vibe that pervaded the building and made it difficult for people to work effectively. I cleared each room in the building and did a general, overall cleanse for the land and the entire structure. Miriam did not tell the other tenants when the clearing had taken place. However, all the tenants reported an immediate difference. They said the building was much brighter, calmer and easier to work in.
      In another house clearing, I was called to work in the basement where the owner had seen a ghost while doing laundry. She was frightened and did not want to return to the basement. Needless to say, her laundry was piling up! There were also many strange noises in the basement at night, which kept her awake and agitated. I located the ghost and communicated with him. I was able to cross him over to the other side. The owner was grateful the ghost was gone and had her first good night’s sleep in months. Unfortunately, she also had to start doing her laundry again!